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Dear IACR Family Members

Indian Association of Cancer Research (IACR) was founded in November, 1980 in Mumbai with envision towards advancements in research encompassing all the aspects of cancers as well as to promote the interaction among researchers in this field from across different parts of our nation. Over the past 40 years, IACR has made significant strides from fostering research in cancer diagnosis, therapy and prevention to promoting cancer education and cancer awareness amongst the society.

Since 2007 IACR newsletter had shared many prominent articles form eminent cancer researchers. The IACR newsletter was discontinued in past years, now the editorial team has decided to restart the Newsletter. The main objective of the newsletter is to keep our members (especially, the young scientists) well versed with advanced and latest developments in cancer research.

The editorial team thought that it will be more useful if the newsletter gives an update in an interesting and helpful way, rather than a pushy science periodical. Therefore, the team has decided to focus on following three chief features, which will be added in the contents of upcoming IACR newsletter:

  1. 1. A family network with IACR Members. Sharing accomplishments and achievements of IACR members with other members.

  2. 2. A promise to deliver a valuable stuff that will be useful to cancer researchers' work

  3. 3. As a new feature in this newsletter, there will be a little add-on of short summaries and unique content to keep the members informed on various cancer concomitant topics

For now, the editorial team has decided to publish two issues of 'IACR Newsletter' in 2021 with sole motto of disseminating information about IACR's activities and the latest scientific developments. The first issue will be published in April and second in October. The newsletter will be sent to all the national and international life members of the association as well as to the annual members and the student members.

Eminent scientists from all over world may contribute their articles for these two issues of IACR 2021 and provide the latest information to the readers. In addition, the IACR newsletter will also publish awards/honours and achievements gained by IACR members.

As this is a new start, the Editorial Team requests ideas and recommendations from EC members as well all other IACR members. Please send your valuable Suggestions and Contributions to one of the following emails: .


Editorial Team - IACR Newsletter


  1. Dr.Shilpee Dutt, Principal Investigator/ Scientific Officer'F' Tata Memorial Centre, ACTREC Kharghar, Mumbai, India

  2. Dr.Sejal Patwardhan, Principal Investigator/ Scientific Officer'D' Tata Memorial Centre, ACTREC Kharghar, Mumbai, India